Todays Forecast….”Strong Winds!!”

With a few prayers we pulled up to our favorite location hoping the winds would stay calm. As we stepped out of the car, grabbed our cameras and props we were all smiles as we felt the cool, calm weather outside. This calm unfortunately did not last. As Mom and Son pulled up, the winds and leaves began whirl. Thankfully, with great attitudes and many clicks of the camera, this shoot was quickly becoming a favorite. Mom and Son were such a treat to be around!! There were so many photos from this shoot that we just LOVED, that it was hard to choose just one to display- so here are some of our favorites!! (Just click on each picture below to view full photo.)

Fall, Football, and Full of smiles

Plum Speckled Photography is a business of two sister photographers. It is such a blessing to do something you love with someone you love!! However, this weekend I was given an opportunity to accompany a photographer friend on one of her photo shoots. She has been a friend since high school and has developed into quite an amazing photographer!  I love watching and learning from other photographers. It is always nice to gain some new perspective and tips, while enjoying the company of a friend. Here is one of my favorite shots from that day!


Two plus 1

Being a mom of 3 boys it was such a sweet change to spend a few hours with some sweet little girls….TWIN girls!! I didn’t know how to act with the pretty dresses and  little ears pierced! Thankfully their big brother was there too!! I had such a great time running around with 3 precious little ones!!


Leslie and Ben


Part of being a Photographer is meeting new people for the first time. For this Photo Shoot I was privileged to meet a sweet couple, who was willing to pose and smile and even “jump” for a great shot!! Leslie and Ben were those types of people where you walk away considering yourself “blessed,” to have been able to meet them.  ~J




All Grown Up

I love when I get to witness the growth of children and young teens develop into young adults. Sarah is someone I have had the privilege of knowing since she started middle school. Now she is in college and has become a beautiful young women, both on the inside and out. It was such an honor to be able to spend the afternoon with Sarah. ~J


Welcome to Plum Speckled Photography!! We are so excited for this next chapter of our lives. We feel so blessed to be able to do something we both love and enjoy. Thank you for taking a moment to look through our site and view all the extraordinary people that we have had the privilege of photographing.

plum (adj.) something of desirable kind.

speckled (n.) a small or slight mark, usually of contrasting color.

photogrpahy (v.) the art of taking photographs.